The game rolls a dice and chooses a number between 1-6 and will generate the amount of enemies the roll chooses, each wave of enemies you will gain 10 score, try and get a high score!

Made withUnity


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Maybe if the light was directly up and it'd be easier to see where the enemies would fall.

Extremely difficult but neat idea


I got to a score of 110.

I have some game design critiques though.

I think it would be better, since your trying to dodge the falling boxes, if you could see the whole arena.

I think there should also be more distinction on the floor because the first couple of times playing I wasn't even sure if I was moving.

and lastly I think you should choose a different song/sound for the background. It quickly got repetitive and a bit obnoxious.

All that being said though, I really like your idea of a die roll determining how many objects will fall! That's cool, and you should play around more with that!

Keep up the good work man!!