You have to go through 5 levels of differing colours while changing to match the colour you touch, or else you die!

B - Change To Blue

R - Change To Red


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Like others have said, The ground detection isn't there so you can just keep jumping as much as you want!

However, on the two last levels you had the vertical bars in the way, and that immediately made me play differently. I started to get a kind of flappy bird vibe playing so maybe you could follow that gameplay Idea and see where that goes!!

Also the color switching is a decent idea but since the controls to move are the standard WSAD you should have the buttons to switch closer to those!

It seems like you didnt implement any ground detection so u can just fly to the end just so you know xd

and maybe try adding some airdrag so your movement doesnt feel so floaty just multiply your velocity by some constant between 0 and 1 makes a great difference

Thanks for the help, after the Jam is over i'll try and implement the ideas and see what it's like

It have the double fullscreen bug. You can disable fullscreen and change from manually set size to auto detect size in settings

Thanks for the help, all working now